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Potty training a ferret is not an easy task. You first have to understand the way a ferret thinks, then you have to understand your ferretís individual quirks and THEN you have to out think him. It has taken years of trial and error while caring for my own personal ferrets as well as hundreds of shelter ferrets and ferret campers over the last 20+ years, to master the art of potty training a ferret.

Potty training a ferret is a labor intensive project, as most of you already know and one that you probably found doesnít work 100% of the time Ė or even 50% of the time. The secret to having a potty trained ferret is consistency. Without it, training fails. Consistency along with the strategic arrangement of their cage and play area, will guarantee success.

For those who donít have the time (or patience) for training their ferret are no longer resigned to forever cleaning corners of their homes or otherwise discovering little ďdepositsí in dark, faraway places Ė months, or years later.

I am pleased to offer Potty Training 101 for the same price as Ferret Camp. One week at Ferret Camp gives you back a completely, 100% guaranteed litter box trained ferret. If I canít potty train your ferret, you donít pay. The only requirement is that you MUST, WITHOUT FAIL, continue the same process at home until your ferretís habits have transferred to his new environment. You will be given explicit instructions and access to free support when your ferret returns home for as long as you need it.

One week is the average time it takes to develop a new habit but some ferrets may require longer so be prepared to leave your ferret for a minimum of one week, maybe longer. When I am convinced that the new habit is established, your ferret will be ready to return home using the potty box 100% of the time. It is then up to you to follow the instructions TO THE LETTER. WITHOUT FAIL. This is critical to the success at home and I canít begin to stress the importance of continuing the process that I have started for you here. It will require time and effort and will be inconvenient for a short time, but the long term results are well worth it. You will be happier and your ferret will know it.


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