Veterinary financial assistance for low income pet owners



         Does your pet have a serious health condition requiring treatment that is not immediately life threatening or;


         Has your pet suddenly become ill or had an accident and you need financial help to seek immediate life saving treatment?


        Are you disabled, low income or have had a temporary set back due to the economy?

If so, you may be eligible for one or more of these programs.



If you have a pet that needs medical care and you are in a financial bind or have limited income, you may qualify for financial assistance through one of these organizations.  The requirements of each program vary so if you don't meet the criteria for one, keep checking with the others.  There are many, many other programs that are more specific to local areas, breed and disease or illness.  Be sure to research these sites for more programs that may help your particular pets medical concern. This by all means, is NOT an all inclusive list of programs.


Tip: Set aside a block of uninterrupted time. Be prepared to make several calls. Scores of them. In addition to the site referrals, one phone call may lead to one or more referrals as well so you could and probably will, end up calling several organizations before you find the one you need. Also be prepared to complete the required paperwork and gather proof of your financial situation and pet diagnosis.

IMOM In Memory Of Magic.  A one time donation for life threatening emergencies only

The Pet Fund NOT for emergencies.  This program is intended for pets who are in need of treatment because of illness or injury but there is usually a long waiting list.

AAHA Helping Pets Fund grants for sick or injured pets.

Angels4Animals - this program works out financial arrangements directly with the veterinary clinic and does not ask for reimbursement from the pet owner.

Help A Pet A cost sharing program for the disabled, seniors and children of the working poor

Save U.S. Pets For life saving emergencies

Handicapped Pets Mostly a resource for elderly, disabled and special needs pets but will sometimes provide financial assistance for special cases.

United Animal Nations For life threatening emergencies only.

CareCredit A no interest credit card for health care services for your pet with low monthly payments.