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Ferret Camp


Stormy Poop?

A "Stormy" (the dark handsome boy in the picture) original.  A sweet, extremely intelligent ferret who entered the "system" at only one  year of age in 2005.  Sadly, he's over the rainbow bridge now but left this (and many other things) behind to be fondly remembered.

More recently, Rascal one of my endearing Ferret Campers created this original.   You need to be a truly dedicated ferret lover to appreciate the need to uh...preserve their artwork.


Ferret Cam
 See Cams at Fort Collins and Phoenix

What IS that little critter you saw foraging for food in your garage or running swiftly through your backyard ducking under the porch?  Well, wonder no more!  Now you will know the difference between a weasel, a mink and even a flying squirrel! 

MISTAKEN IDENTITY requires flash plug in
This was a large Powerpoint slideshow converted to video and is really worth viewing!

These are OLD videos  but still cute.  Requires flash plugin

Even PETA would approve 

Louisiana Fur Coat

Birth Control Motivation

Let's not forget this one!

Cows With Guns

If you like cats, you'll love this

Hilarious Cat Video


Do you have a "Round Tuit"?
I have every intention of posting more fun stuff when I get one.










Black Footed Ferret

Black Footed Ferret Back From Extinction? Learn more about your ferret cousin.

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