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Support Your Shelter

Do you live near a ferret shelter?  Is there a shelter you would like to help out but live too far away?  Near or far, there is always something you can do to help.  Here are a few ideas.  For specific needs of each individual shelter, please call or better yet, browse their website.

In addition to monetary donations, these items are fairly universal:

  • Wood/paper pellet litter  
  • Laundry soap - no perfume or dyes
  • Food  - Totally Ferret is a popular shelter food.
  • Ferretvite and Ferretone  
  • Medical Supplies
  • Paper Towels
  • Enviro friendly cleaning supplies
  • Soft fleece blankets and other bedding such as those made by and www.theferretschoice.orgBoth are of exception quality and the ferrets love them.

PEDIAPRED and LUPRON are two of the most common medications needed for the very common diseases that afflict almost all ferrets at some point in their life. They are RX meds so they would either need to be donated and handled by a shelter veterinarian.  Money can also be donated to purchase this medication.  

There is also critical need for antibiotics, Carafate, Pepcid and other medications for the treatment of other common illnesses and disease such as bleeding ulcers, cardiomyopathy and infections.  Ferret teeth must be cleaned/scaled regularly because gum disease can quickly escalate into a systemic infection.   

Of course, you can always make donations at any time to the veterinarians who keep these fuzzies in good health.

Sponsor a sick or elderly ferret!

These fuzzballs can be quite costly and place a financial drain on shelter funds due to their special needs.  Won't you consider sponsoring a needy ferret to ease the financial strain of your favorite shelter and increase the quality of life for a fuzzy? 

Foster a hard to place ferret!

Do you have the time, love and desire to care for a special needs ferret temporarily or maybe even for the rest of his life but the financial burden is too much to take on?   Have you considered becoming a foster parent?  

Volunteer! There is always a shortage of kind, helpful, generous people and ferrets can never get enough love and attention.

Most importantly...

Adopt a Ferret